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Musical Challenge

Music has the well-documented ability to reach deep into the subconscious. These music group activities help people accomplish things they never knew they were capable of. They also stimulate creativity and creative risk-taking like nothing else.


So you think you are music illiterate? Wonderful! … just grab an instrument, take a chair – and start playing. What starts out as chaos – gradually becomes music again!


Think Rajesh Khanna & “Mere Sapnon Ki Rani”.. the soulful tunes of the Harmonica … Can your team recreate the magic?


A whir of colours, a chorus of sounds, an orchestra like no other…. Using Boom sticks those curious little pipes, watch chaos turn to harmony


Clap your hands, stomp your feet, click your tongues, utter whoops of joy… make music!


Write a song, sing it together, and win the prize! … Hehe – not so simple either, but all the same – what fun! Watch your team’s creativity quotient zoom up 100%!!

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Building a great team is a challenge for many leaders. It needs ingredients like trust, vulnerability, commitment, accountability to deliver results. We use the power of play to create experiences that help the team to break the ice and participate in candid conversations. Conversations that are inclusive of all and deliver results.

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