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Tech-Based Challenges

With every field and industry being touched by digital technology, it was inevitable that the space of learning & team engagement also embraced the same. Combining digital technology with these two areas offers endless possibilities. However, the impact is only when it is done with real expertise. Else, technology can just become another gimmick or flavour of the day.


In alliance with Urban Gaming, Paris, Success Tea offers a whole basket of offerings that are guaranteed to keep your teams on the edge of their seats – and fully engaged

Urban Trail Challenge - Success Tea


Turn your indoor space into an arena for discovery, intrigue and play! A customized scavenger hunt for your team.

Urban Escape Box - Success Tea


90 minutes for you to save the world from the evil clutches of Megaloman. Can your team do it? Escape box challenge with 7 levels.

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A digital treasure hunt turns your whole neighbourhood or even city into your area of exploration. This activity can be planned for inter-city travel as well. 

Maze Challenge - Success Tea


You have 17 hours before lockdown and destruction. Can your team escape the maze?

corporate team building in Goa


They pillage, they plunder, they rifle and loot. Can your team help discover the blue pearl?


A treasure hunt like no other – using competition-grade GPS devices & set up in and around the resort, and hotel where you have your conference!



In this team game, trivia questions are thrown at teams. The objective of the game is to score the most points. The twist is that the teams don’t necessarily need to know the right answer although they need to know which team knows the right answer and make predictions on them.

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Building a great team is a challenge for many leaders. It needs ingredients like trust, vulnerability, commitment, accountability to deliver results. We use the power of play to create experiences that help the team to break the ice and participate in candid conversations. Conversations that are inclusive of all and deliver results.

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