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Testimonials for In-Person activities

We got in touch with Alok and his team for arranging few team engagement activities for about 80 people in the customer success and sales team at Adobe and were glad we did!

Everything was arranged so well and smoothly making it an incredible experience for everyone. It wasn't just about the services carried out which was a definite tender however the smiles we had on our faces throughout the event. Seeing the amazing response received by everyone in the team there was no way but to go back to him for organizing more of such motivating sessions.

Full of energy, positivity and life, I would recommend this to all corporates seeking to bring teams closer and motivate them.

Big thanks and kudos to your team.


We have been conducting our Annual Team offsite for past 2 years with Alok and I must say it has been a great experience for the entire team here. This is not the first time I have seen Alok in action - I have worked with him for more than 8 years now, including my previous organization.

The key element that I like about Alok is how well organized the entire program is, everything seems so casual yet there a ton of planning that goes behind the scenes to make it a great experience for the participants. Alok has a great sense of humor which really helps in prepping the team for the activities that follow. The activities are extremely well planned, clear instructions, the right level of difficulty and great de-briefing post each activity.

The great thing about Alok is he comes across as someone who is approachable and fun, with great commitment to his work in addition to focus on the specific needs of his customers. His ever smiling face makes it all the more fun !!

Thank You Alok and look forward to working with you and your team in future too.


Alok facilitated a fantastic team day (outbound workshop) for our Delhi Team in January ‘2020. He architected series of activities that met the defined objectives of workshop and provided a great team engagement platform for our employees.

Alok keeps it very simple, short and ensures that everyone in the workshop participates. His ability to connect with all the participants with lots of empathy and warmness is highly appreciated. He is passionate about facilitation and does it –‘Dil Se’!. He understands the stated and unstated needs of his customers and ensures high level of customer satisfaction.

Thank You Alok, for being You!


We hired Alok to facilitate a full day workshop at our Annual Sales offsite. I am extremely satisfied and delighted with the way he conducted the whole session. The entire day, through a battery of different activities got us to smile, laugh, put our thinking caps on, connect but above all reflect constructively about some of our key issues. Alok kept the energy and encouragement going but knew exactly where to step back and allow the conversations to move forward unaided. We had great fun. I am glad to say that Alok did a terrific job in delivering to the brief. He understood the challenges of our team and stitched them well in the debriefs. The team was completely energized and highly charged up. We can see that the team bonding has gone up considerably after the event. The team is highly motivated after the session.

I must specifically add that the professional way in which the program was conducted was truly noteworthy, Thank you Alok. Look forward to many more engagements in future.


We had worked with Alok for a 2 day program in Ahmedabad where we were setting up a new factory.

The task at hand was to create a unique identity for the plant and the plant members which would help the entire team to bond together and become a single unit.

Alok helped us do this successfully by ideating and organising some activities which helped to engage as well as bring together the entire team.

We had a great experience working with him and the result of the full day session has been a strong united team.


We have invited Alok multiple times at our port for conducting workshop for different teams here. He has worked both with white-collar and blue-collar persons at the port.

In every session he has left the team highly motivated and charged up for many months to come. We work in a very remote location at Pipavav port of Gujrat.

Our work at the sea port is of high efficiency and very strict safety standards. Keeping the employees motivated is a critical function of the HR department. Alok completely understood the challenge and customized his session onsite to meet our requirement.

With his energetic approach and storytelling skills he kept our teams enchanted and engaged in each session. I highly recommend Alok to take your teams to next level.


Like all best things in the world, facilitation is both a science and an art. I truly believe that Alok is adept at this fine balance of facilitation. He has got the science perfected - whether that be the preparation that goes into understanding the client brief or the precision of designing a program that engages everyone meaningfully.

For our workshop, the brief given to Alok was not an easy one - consumer centricity for a bunch of professional marketers. That, combined with the fact that the planning went for a toss as the venue and timing of the workshop changed last minute! Yet Alok took all in his stride, turned the changes into an advantage and delivered a really engaging experiential program. However, it was his understanding of the Art of facilitation that was equally (if not even more) impressive! The first step for a great team is psychological safety and through thought provoking questions, Alok nudged the team beautifully to open up , share and see each other's experiences through their eyes. He of course ended the session in his trademark way with beautiful poetry that was a perfect end to a great day of learning and fun.

Thank you once again for a memorable session, Alok. Keep doing the fantastic work you do... all the very best!


I had the pleasure of working with Alok, for one of our annual conferences. Alok is an effective communicator with great sense of how to engage a group of professionals.

Alok has excellent conceptual strengths, strong communication skills and the patience to methodically take the group along. These skills help the group in removing the mental barriers and layers within.

Good at his work, Alok doesn’t forget to add the much-needed element of humor and everyday work-space situations, helping participants internalize the concepts discussed.

Wishing him all the best and looking forward to working with him in future!!


You rarely come across a talented and experiential facilitator like Alok. I had the pleasure to hire him thrice for my team's engagement in the last six months. I was particularly impressed by Alok's ability to handle even the last minutes' changes - effortlessly and with a smile. Since these were virtual sessions, we were not very sure about the engagement of our team but Alok, quickly connected with participants and very soon we were engrossed in the activities and challenges. Our team needed that informal yet safe environment to bond in a virtual setup and that was created effectively by Alok and FocusU team. Thank you for making our teams light up with energy and enthusiasm!


Alok, we are extremely pleased with the manner in which you organized the celebration event for our company. This is to acknowledge the exceptional service you provided…Your event planning background, creativity and strong business skills proved extremely valuable in terms of engaging our employees and making them smile. We all enjoyed a lot through out the event and looking forward for more activities like this


Alok partnered with us recently, taking forward the challenging mandate of a team engagement for a Multi-national at Amer Fort, Jaipur. The task at hand – engaging a team that’s ‘been there – done that’, got harder given the location and its constraints. Alok and his team brought real professionalism to the table, with meticulous planning and a high octane session. They have what it takes – intent, professionalism, understanding and ability – to remain sought after partners in the years to come.


Testimonials for Virtual engagement

Hi Alok, it was totally a different experience and to be very frank never thought in a virtual world you can actually bring all together as a team. 👏👏👏👏👏👏 Excellent efforts and as mentioned earlier loved the way it got conducted as well.

Mr. RamasubramanianMARS INDIA

Alok the way you composed n managed was amazing n we enjoyed fully A good connect with Friend’s digitally Not to miss mentioning my daughter too was excited throughout - Thank you so much

Jyothi Iyer

Heyy was really fab...the way you guys pulled if off virtually...and to see the involvement from all was an absolute fun and great experience. #TeamBlaze #RoaringForMore


Can say only one thing, how time flew couldn’t understand, felt like it has just started and now we are winding it off.. Awesome team Alok and also kudos to our team for wonderful participation and making it more fun filled evening..


It was new fun experience. Your team ensured that we were completely involved in the activities and everyone participated.. I enjoyed alot... Appreciate the way you conducted and also selection of the activities.... So quick in showing us the glance of our performance is short time..All smiles and fun...cheers

Bharani GeethaMARS INDIA

It is WoW experience for me. The way you guys managed 100 associates flawlessly online is awesome. In today’s session, I realised that working digitally can also involve lots of physical exercise as well😊😊 thanks a ton to your entire team for such beautiful coordination. There must be lot of hard work from your side.

Avik Sengupta

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